Nôgel was founded in 2017 after an innovation project in co-operation with Estonian University of Life Sciences, when two Estonian girls – Laura and Birgit – had trouble increasing their body iron levels and not many high-quality and efficient iron supplements were available on the market. This is how the idea of creating an iron food supplement developed in Estonia was born, where in addition to high bioavailability iron bisglycinate only natural ingredients including natural vitamin C would be used.

It is close to our heart that all ingredients are pure and natural, so we decided firmly to use only ingredients harvested without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It also made sense to pack the supplement that we put so much effort into in environmentally friendly jars. As charity has always been close to our hearts, we added another nice feature to the product – we donate 5 cents for every product sold in Finland to charity foundation Lastenklinikoiden Kummit ry.

Did you know that …

nettle in dialectic Estonian is called ’nogulane’? This is where the name Nôgel comes from.



The first time I started using iron food supplements was when my blood test showed low ferritin levels. As there were a lot of different iron food supplements on the market, I first decided to find out which iron form was recommended and why – we know that iron and iron are not the same things. Thanks to the fact that we were already conducting a research project on nettle, the idea to develop a high-quality iron food supplement in co-operation with experts was born. It all started with one iron supplement. Today we are the leading iron brand in Estonia and write regularly to people from medical and pharmacy field about different subjects related to iron.

My experience with Nôgel

During pregnancy I supplemented with our first Iron 20 mg supplement – hemoglobin and ferritin levels remained good during and after pregnancy. During my second pregnancy I already used our famous Superiron. Now you can find different D3-drops from my shelf for my whole family.


I actually live in Finland and have a Master´s degree in economics specializing in finance. In addition to previous studies, I have enlarged my knowledge in nutrition science – metabolism of vitamins and minerals is just a small part of the world of (bio)chemistry, biology and physiology. I also studied in open university in the Institute of Biomedicine in the University of Eastern Finland.



The first time I had to use iron food supplements was in my teens, when I was prescribed strong iron pills. During the whole treatment period, I had a lot stomach problems, at the time I ignored it because I thought that it was a normal side effect. Years later, when I was faced with the same problem again, I did some homework. In 2017, me and Laura had an idea – to develop an iron food supplement with an ingredients list simple. An exciting product development phase and testing began. If you’re faced with the same problem as I was at that time, try Nôgel.

My experience with Nôgel

During pregnancy I used Iron 30 mg – blood test and iron stores were good and I felt great during whole pregnancy. Now I use D3-drops – and for baby of course D3-drops for babies.


I have graduated from Tallinn Health Care College and studied health promotion, which focuses on factors that influence people´s everyday behavior and their influencing.