Vitamin D is an oilsoluble vitamin, which is known as the sunshine vitamin. UV rays activate a certain form of cholesterol in our body and change it to vitamin D. If enough sunshine is available only during summer, which is our case in Estonia, it is advised to use vitamin D supplements from September until June.

The most important role of vitamin D is to regulate the absorption of calcium in our bodies. The main factor in calcium absorption is the active form of vitamin D, calcitriol. In addition our bodies need vitamin D for blood clotting and heart rate support, decreasing the risk of infection and diabetes, development of bones and teeth and for better absorption of phosphorus.

Certified organic oils

We use Estonian certified organic sea buckthorn oil in our vitamin D supplements. We use certified organic extra virgin olive oil, which is produced from Spanish 100% Arbequina organic olives, in our vitamin D supplement for babies (440 IU).

5 cents to children´s charity organisation Kummit ry

Charity is one of the most important values for Nôgel. For every product purchased in Finland we donate 5 cents to Finnish children´s charity organisation Kummit ry.


In Finland, the recommended daily dosage is between 10-20 μg, i.e. 400-800 IU. The maximum safe daily dosage of vitamin D is 100 μg, i.e. 4000 IU. Check your country´s recommended vitamin D dosages.


10-20 μg, 400-800 IU


10 μg, 400 IU


10 μg, 400 IU

These are the daily recommended values for vitamin D in Finland, but these values are often not enough to maintain and achieve the optimal level. If your level of vitamin D is at least 80 nmol/l, you should use daily at least 25 μg, 1000 IU of vitamin D. If your vitamin D level is below 80 nmol/l, you should use daily 50-125 μg, 2000-5000 IU depending on the level. On average, we use around 40 μg of vitamin D daily. 15-20 μg increases vitamin D level to around 50 nmol/l and 40-50 μg daily to 75 nmol/l, which is the typical minimum reference value for laboratories in Estonia. However, the optimal level of vitamin D is around 100 nmol/l and for athletes, levels over 100 are recommended. Read more from HERE, how much vitamin D you should use.

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